Wilmington Animal Food Pantry

Our mission

Owner surrenders can account for as much as 30% of all animal intake in the US. This is often higher for smaller communities. Of these owner surrenders, these are the top reasons:

  • Behavioral issues

  • Finances

  • Housing

We are on a mission to keep animals in their loving homes and prevent unnecessary surrenders. Learn more about our services and how they help us achieve our mission.


Animal Food Pantry

A program that collects donations from the local community and provides free animal food and supplies to families in need. We never ask for proof of need - if they ask, we believe them. The food pantry delivers supplies if requested.

Subsidized or Free Training (Coming soon!)

We create relationships with local trainers who are willing to donate discounted sessions to us. We then distribute these sessions across the community for people struggling to keep their animal due to a lack of training knowledge. We only work with positive reinforcement trainers.

Subsidized or Free Vet Care (Coming soon!)

We work with local vet offices who are willing to donate discounted services to us. We then distribute these services to those who request them. This helps keep animals healthy and prevents a family from having to make a difficult decision due to finances.

Paid or Subsidized Pet Fees / Deposits (Coming soon!)

When families need to move, it can be difficult to find animal-friendly housing. And when they do, they can't always afford the added fees. Using donations, we cover these fees so families can bring their animals with them when they move.